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Rae Crowther Jax Tackler JAX-V

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Color: Black

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Rae Crowther Jax Tackler JAX-V

  • A tackling sled with 4 “dummies” that instantly self-uprights for the next rep.
  • As the Jax is being tackled it simultaneously uprights another “dummy.” (see video).
  • Allows hundreds of speed reps with light impact to players.  Hands free sled upright.
  • Tackle from 4 different angles.
  • Use for multiple drills.  Square, angle, profile, and chase tackling.
  • Thick foam padding for shoulder contact with durable vinyl coverings.
  • Heavy 40 oz. nylon is used on end caps (black part of pads)
  • Pads can easily be removed for storage or transportation.
  • Metal base is made from thick steel and won’t bend from player’s weight.
  • Metal base can also be disassembled for transport and storage.
  • Choose between Varsity and Junior size.
  • Varsity Jax is 50” tall and weighs 72 lbs.  Junior Jax is 40” tall and weighs 59 lbs.
  • Varsity colors are Black, Royal, Red.  Junior in black only.
  • Can ship UPS ground to residential address.

Jax Discussion Points

  • Classic Crowther Tackling or Rugby Tackling.  The JAX tackler helps teach what is commonly termed rugby tackling.  This type of tackling is what Rae Crowther (the actual person Rae Crowther) taught starting in the 1920’s and it means making contact with the shoulder at the hip or leg level.  Rugby type tackling is emphasized in today game in order to take the head out of contact.  The emphasis is to strike with the shoulder.  If you tackle high you can’t lead with the shoulder but must lead with the chest. In this case the tackler typically makes contact with their facemask and chest.
  • The Bio Mechanics of Shoulder Tackling.  A shoulder tackle is more powerful than a chest tackle. However, tackling is situational and there is a place for different types of techniques.  However, if you were to line up 100 players and ask half of them to chest tackle and the other half to shoulder tackle your success rate in getting the ball carrier to the ground would be far greater with the shoulder.  Raising a player’s center of gravity lowers their ability to deliver force.  A high tackle can cause a player to get knocked backwards and or leave their feet earlier and result in a loss of control and body balance.
  • Teach Brace Foot Tackling.  When making a square tackle (profile) we want to close to the near hip and drive off our rear (not near) brace foot through the ball carrier on the bias. This will prevent the tackler from engaging contact down the ball carrier’s center line and deflect his force diagonally. This will also make it more difficult for a ball carrier to cut back or spin and will give the tackler an opportunity to adjust to a lateral move in the direction away from the tackler’s approaching angle.
  • Situational Tackling. Tackling can be overtrained in the square profile.  The JAX tackler allows us to drill on “situational” tackling such as pursuit tackles, lateral tackles with the ball in the near arm of the carrier, and lateral tackles with the ball in the far arm.
  • Getting the Ball Back.  Finally, there are times when a tackle doesn’t do us any good, down by a touchdown with time running out and we need to get the ball back. The JAX gives us the ability to simulate a “run through” type tackle where the objective of getting the ball carrier to the ground is secondary to separating them from the ball.
  • Proper Pad Level.  Our varsity JAX is 50” tall, and our Junior is 40”. Almost all tackling sleds are built around hip tackling concepts.  The ball carrier instinctively gets lower before and during contact, as they want to reduce their area of contact and thus lower their center of gravity.   A 5’10” ball carrier will easily accordion down to 40” inches before contact and they can go lower.  If you were to measure any traditional tackling sled you would find that the contact point is between 46” and 34” inches.  Our JAX being 50” tall, allows the tackler to adjust their contact height over a 20” span.  An age-old moniker in football and wrestling is low man wins.  The JAX tackler allows your players to practice at the proper pad levels.  A taller JAX would not function well as player would leave their feet earlier and tumble over the pads, risking head injury.
  • Correct Diameter Padding.  We start with the average diameter of a ball carrier at the waist/hip area you will find 15” dia. about average.  The Jax varsity pads are 15” diameter.  This allows a realistic shoulder target and arm grab, and also not to be over looked, a more padded landing surface for the player, as the foam must absorb the force of the player when the JAX hits the ground.  If you create a smaller diameter pad then you have less realism, less ability to work an accurate shoulder tackle, and less foam to absorb the force of the player hitting the ground.  It also makes the arm grab unrealistic.  A smaller diameter would also not be appropriate for leg tackling as players are taught to wrap up both legs, not a single leg.
  • Shoulder Accuracy and Arm Grab are Critical.  The jersey numbers on the pads can be used for teaching shoulder accuracy.
  • Durable Metal Frame and Disassembly.  Our JAX metal frame is strong and wont bend from players landing on it as it is built from heavy pipe.  The frame also dissembles for storage and transportation.  Also, the angle of the legs is critical in allowing the tackler to turn the sled.  We would not be surprised to see competitors frames bend over time as they have longer and thinner metal legs.
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl and Dense Foam.  Our covers have 40 oz nylon end caps sewn on them.  We also have 3 straps per pad.  The JAX is a lot of foam, and the density of the foam also plays a role in feel and durability.  You don’t want to hit a pad this is a rock, but you don’t want soft. The JAX has it right, balancing feel and durability.

Jax Tackler

Junior Jax Tackler

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The designer and founder of our company was Rae Crowther. Rae was a lineman who played in college and then professionally for the Frankford Yellow Jackets. The Yellow Jackets became World Champions and were the precursors to the Philadelphia Eagles. Rae became a very successful line coach at Drexel, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania, which at the time were football powerhouses. Here’s a quote from Rae, “As you know, great players are not born. Great teams don’t just happen. Both are the result of long hours of hard work, drills, practice, imagination, and coaching methods. The need then is for dependable equipment that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your coaching.

That’s where Crowther Sleds come into the picture.” He tested like a madman. He was obsessed with getting his sleds right! The spring, pan, pontoon, you name it – all would come under his watchful eye and shoulder. More than a few of Rae’s contemporaries, from Paul Brown to Bud Wilkerson, had a very high regard for his products and helped develop the sleds we have come to admire today. And, to the present day, you will find a performance advantage with a Crowther Sled or Chute.

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