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Rae Crowther Climb Sled CS1-HS

Climb Sled Type
Color: Black

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Rae Crowther Climb Sled CS1-HS

The Climb sled was designed to allow offensive and defensive linemen a realistic game like target to combat linemen who play “low and long”, leaving little surface area to strike the opponent. With DL’s offering little surface area to strike, the offensive lineman must learn the new “Climb” technique; by striking underneath the shoulder plate with an upper cut strike, while finding “handles” on the breast plate of the defender.

Rae Crowther 1 Man Climb Sled with S2 Pad

  • The sled for the mechanics of hip driven power and removing the helmet from contact.
  • Maximize your teaching of base blocks.  Maximize your players practice time.
  • Maybe the best tool available for helping the undersized lineman.
  • The angle (or lean) of the S-Pad is adjustable, allowing the coach to adjust the contact angle.  Lean pad forward like a player in their stance, or stand pad upright like a pass blocker.  Or anywhere in-between.
  • With DL’s offering little surface area to strike, the offensive lineman must learn the Climb technique by striking underneath the shoulder plate with an upper cut strike, while finding handles on the breast plate of the defender.
  • The climb technique throws the helmet back and out of contact.
  • Sled concept comes from longtime pro coach Bill Callahan.
  • S2 pad has built in breast plate with enough “give” to allow the offensive player to gain a handle. S2 pad also includes stubby short arms.
  • 2 versions available: Pro and High School.  Pro model is 3” taller and 100 lbs. heavier.
  • Model# CS-PRO or CS-HS.  Powder coated black.
  • Pad colors: black, navy, royal, red, green.

The Evolution of Contact and how to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Evolution of Contact

  1. Since the inception of the game, contact was coached and developed using a horizontal plane of force. The objective was to create horizontal momentum by “running off the ball” and taking a big “lead step” in order to move/control the opponent.
  2. Players who were bigger historically dominated smaller players.  Smaller players, who were tasked with playing against bigger opponents were often left with few answers.
  3. However, in recent years, coaches at the highest levels of the game have innovated and brought to the game a new contact skill.  This new technique is called “Force Deflection”.
  4. Force Deflection uses hip driven power to elevate the spine angle of the opponent.  As the opponents spine rises they lose their leverage strength and momentum, and they can then be defeated.
  5. Smaller players now have a technique to consistently beat larger players, and players of all sizes can become more effective.

Goal of the Climber Sled

  1. The Climber Sled allows players to practice the exact postures and movement patterns required to consistently execute “Force Deflection” on game day.
  2. The sled utilizes the S Pad.  Instead of a traditional flat pad, the player shaped S pad helps the player tap into their hip power and keep their elbows within the frame of their body.
  3. Even professional linemen can hide technical flaws on traditional flat padded sleds because they only require horizontal force to move.  The Climber is different and requires Hip Driven Force.
  4. In order to move/drive the Climber, players must uncoil their hips to generate lift and follow with fast feet.
  5. The Climber will stop moving if the player take big steps.  Big steps disable the power in the hips.
  6. Force Deflection Technique requires attention to detail and every rep on the Climber can help players prepare for success in the game.

Empowering Player Safety

  1. The first thing most people notice when witnessing players hit the Climber is there is no head contact when performed correctly.
  2. If you were to step forward and push an object with your hands, your head is drawn towards that object.  When Force Deflection technique is applied the hips become the power source, and the head is naturally drawn back.  The hips send a shockwave of energy through the opponent, similar to a wrecking ball.
  3. This ascending angle of force is not only more powerful than horizontal push blocking but it also reduces repetitive helmet contact.  The player is no longer leading with their head.
  4. In summary, Force Deflection technique is a skill that can be well learned and practiced through the Climber but has the homerun effect of creating a better and safer game for the next generation of players.


  • The new S2 pad has built into the surface of the pad a breast plate with enough “give” to allow the offensive player to gain a “handle.”
  • Includes arms (stubby short arms) that mirror the difficulty of hand placement in a dynamic combative environment.
  • Adjustable S-Pad angle allowing the coach to create more angle or less.
  • Metal parts are powder coated black
  • Warranty on metal is 5 years; warranty on padding is 2 years.

How The Climb Sled Pad Is Adjustable

Cleveland Browns: The Climb Sled Demonstration

Rae Crowther's Climb Sled - Teach HIP DRIVEN POWER

Climb Sled - Fit To Finish Drill

Climb Sled - Fit To Uncoil Drill

Climb Sled - Stance to Fit

Climb Sled - Coil to Fit Drill

Climb Sled - Escape Drill

Climb Sled - Other Variations for Use

Offensive/Defensive Line Blocking Drills with the Climb Sled 

Football Blocking Sled - Rae Crowther Climb Sled

*Please note that there may be an additional shipping charge for our Rae Crowther products and that Rae Crowther does not accept returns on their products.

The designer and founder of our company was Rae Crowther. Rae was a lineman who played in college and then professionally for the Frankford Yellow Jackets. The Yellow Jackets became World Champions and were the precursors to the Philadelphia Eagles. Rae became a very successful line coach at Drexel, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania, which at the time were football powerhouses. Here’s a quote from Rae, “As you know, great players are not born. Great teams don’t just happen. Both are the result of long hours of hard work, drills, practice, imagination, and coaching methods. The need then is for dependable equipment that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your coaching.

That’s where Crowther Sleds come into the picture.” He tested like a madman. He was obsessed with getting his sleds right! The spring, pan, pontoon, you name it – all would come under his watchful eye and shoulder. More than a few of Rae’s contemporaries, from Paul Brown to Bud Wilkerson, had a very high regard for his products and helped develop the sleds we have come to admire today. And, to the present day, you will find a performance advantage with a Crowther Sled or Chute.

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