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Rae Crowther Classic Two Man Pan Sled MC2E1

Classic Two Man Pad Sled Options
Color: Black

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Rae Crowther Classic Two Man Pan Sled MC2E1

The Classic Two Man Sled (A.K.A. the Pan Sled) is the king of teaching the body mechanics of blow delivery. All of the fundamentals are encompassed in this one sled. The reason so many NFL teams use this sled is its effectiveness. You can say it has been around a while, and while it’s true that the game has changed, the human kinesiology of bent knees, flat back, short driving feet, and hip explosion all remain the same.

Pad Options

Rae Crowther E1 Enduro Pad

  • Narrow pad for shoulder and hand drills.
  • Replacement pad for Classic Rae Crowther sleds.
  • Screened with jersey numbers and a facemask.
  • Easily removable for storage without any need of tools.
  • Colors black, navy, royal, red, green

Rae Crowther E2 Enduro Pad

  • Narrow hand pockets increases player accuracy and power.
  • Concave shape.
  • Fits Classic Rae Crowther 2-7 Man Sleds, Z Sleds, Shockwave
  • Easily removable for storage without any need of tools.
  • Colors black, royal, red, green

Rae Crowther Z2 Pad

  • Has a built-in chest plate to promote inside hand control.
  • Has armpits built into the pad.
  • Complete pad with foam and cover.
  • Screened with jersey numbers and a facemask.
  • Easily removable for storage without any need of tools.
  • Fits Rae Crowther Z and Classic Sleds.
  • Colors black, navy, royal, red, green.


  • It makes players bend their knees and use their entire bodies. It teaches lower body mechanics. It incorporates the entire body into the block.
  • Without good footwork an offensive lineman won’t have consistent success. One of the best ways to teach footwork is with the Classic Two Man Pan Sled.
  • If a player(s) hits the sled with poor footwork, it will spin away. As they lose control of the sled, they would lose control of the defender.
  • Our 85 lb. Sand Bag is made especially for the Classic Two Man Sled. They’re made to be placed on the pan base of the sled without falling over. They allow you to place weight in specific areas. Two handles on each bag. A must for collegiate and pro teams.

Rae Crowther Classic Two Man Pan Sled

  • Classic Two Man Sled (A.K.A. the Pan Sled) is the king of teaching the mechanics of blow delivery.  Getcha Some Knockback!
  • All of the fundamentals of blocking are encompassed in this sled.
  • Pan base will spin away if hit incorrectly.
  • Use 1 or 2 players at a time.
  • Three pad choices.  E1 pad, E2 pad, Z2 pad.  Pad Colors black, royal, red, green.
  • Powder coated black.  Weight 364 lbs.

The Crowther Progression

Step 1. The Pendulum Swing: The pendulum swing teaches offensive lineman to strike a blow. The offensive lineman will be in an upright position with a slight bend in his knees. He then will place his chin slightly over the pad and slightly outside of the pad. Then he will strike the pad with the back of the wrist. He will strike through the pad. As he strikes the pad the hips will unlock slightly. The opposite arm will reach for the sky, which helps keep the shoulders square.

Step 2. The Triangle: The offensive lineman will remain in an upright position with his knees bent slightly and his weight on the insteps of his feet. The lineman repeats the same motion as in step 1. The lineman will strike through the pad with the back of the wrist as he reaches for the sky, forming a triangle. As the lineman strikes through the pad, his hips will unlock slightly. Remember power comes from the hips. With the opposite arm the lineman will reach for the sky forming a triangle which keeps the shoulders square and creates a big blocking surface. The lineman should strike through the pad with a full range of motion.

Step 3. The Hip Roll: The lineman is arm’s-length away from the sled and on his knees. His weight should be back on his heels with his shoulders slightly forward. The lineman will snap his hips through (unlocking the hips and thus generating power) as he strikes the pad at a 45-degree angle. He reaches for the sky with his opposite arm and keeps his head tight to the side of the pad. As the lineman strikes through the pad, the opposite arm will reach for the sky. The lineman will strike through the pad as he did in steps 1 and 2. The hip roll is meant to teach the lineman to punch through the defender (the pad) and snap (unlock the hips). The key terms are reach for the sky and strike through the defender (the pad).

Step 4. The Power Step: Starting from a proper 3-point stance, the lineman will strike the pad with the flipper at a 45-degree angle. As he strikes the pad he is driving his knee (same foot same shoulder) through the pad, which simulates driving the knee through the crotch of the defender (one step only). As he strikes the pad and drives his knee through the pad, the opposite foot stays stationary. If the lineman is striking the pad with the right flipper, he will drive the right knee through the pad. If he is striking the pad with the left flipper, he will drive the left knee through the pad. The opposite arm is reaching for the sky. The power step teaches offensive lineman to knock the defender off the line of scrimmage.

Step 5. The Position and Power Step: Starting from a proper 3-point stance, the lineman will take a 6-inch position step (directional step) with his outside foot and then take a power step with his drive leg through the pad (inside leg – same foot same shoulder) which simulates the crotch of the defender (two steps only). If the lineman is taking a position step with the left foot, the power step is the right foot. If the lineman is taking a position step with the right foot, the power step is the left foot. Make sure the lineman is on the insteps of his feet when working the position, power steps. If the lineman is flat footed he will ‘stick and stay’ thus becoming unexplosive. The lineman is to strike the defender with the flipper at a 45-degree angle and reach for the sky with the opposite arm. The lineman should feel he is striking the pad up and out.

Step 6. The One Man Drive: From a proper 3-point stance the lineman will work all the components of the drive block. The lineman will position step, power step, and strike a blow at a 45-degree angle through the pad while keeping his head tight to the side of the pad while pumping his outside arm. For a lineman to be successful driving the sled he has to be on the same angle as the sled chassis and maintain his base of support throughout the drive block. The one-man drive is great learning experience for the lineman because it teaches him all the components of a successful drive block.

*Please note that there may be an additional shipping charge for our Rae Crowther products and that Rae Crowther does not accept returns on their products.

The designer and founder of our company was Rae Crowther. Rae was a lineman who played in college and then professionally for the Frankford Yellow Jackets. The Yellow Jackets became World Champions and were the precursors to the Philadelphia Eagles. Rae became a very successful line coach at Drexel, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania, which at the time were football powerhouses. Here’s a quote from Rae, “As you know, great players are not born. Great teams don’t just happen. Both are the result of long hours of hard work, drills, practice, imagination, and coaching methods. The need then is for dependable equipment that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your coaching.

That’s where Crowther Sleds come into the picture.” He tested like a madman. He was obsessed with getting his sleds right! The spring, pan, pontoon, you name it – all would come under his watchful eye and shoulder. More than a few of Rae’s contemporaries, from Paul Brown to Bud Wilkerson, had a very high regard for his products and helped develop the sleds we have come to admire today. And, to the present day, you will find a performance advantage with a Crowther Sled or Chute.

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